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fresh chow mein

fresh chow mein

traditional Chow Mein is probably the most famous dish of Chinese cuisine that is loved by people all over the world. There are many different variations of this Chinese noodle available in restaurants to confuse people even though they have received all these varieties of noodles in the same noodles category.

This is the reason why people dilemma when finding a new name Lo Mein on the menu card, in Chinese restaurants. Although Lo Mein is also a type of noodle, it feels a lot different from Chow Mein. However, let’s focus on the most popular Chinese noodle which is Chow Mein.


Mein is a word used to refer to noodles in Mandarin. So, this dish is a dish that is a kind of noodle. This is a crunchy noodle to eat because it is fried in a pan of oil at high temperatures. This noodle is made from wheat flour with eggs added during preparation.

To make this Chinese noodles, the noodles are softened by storing them in hot water and then placing other ingredients that are already in the pan that is hot enough. You must have seen street vendors selling noodles along with other ingredients that include vegetables such as capsicum, onions, carrots, and spices. There are many varieties of this noodle served in restaurants. For example, they will serve it with chicken, cheese, or eggs.


How to Make fresh chow mein


  1. 150 gr. Yellow noodles (choose the type of noodles you like)
  2. 50 grams. Onion leaves (stem only) cut roughly coarse
  3. 50 gr. Camsim (if I use Pokcoy) in an environment where I call it mustard meat
  4. 2 pieces of fish meatballs or beef meatballs (cut thin)
  5. 50 gram of round cabbage
  6. 50 gram ofdiced chicken meat
  7. 1 chicken egg (whipped only)
  8. 1 tsp of sweet soy sauce
  9. 25 gram of garlic (chopped or roughly chopped)
  10. 1 tsp of butter (you can be replaced by cooking oil)
  11. Basic ingredients of Chinese food



  1. The materials that have been collected were separated into four groups, including:
  2. Meatballs, shrimp, chicken meat
  3. Yellow noodles
  4. Coysim, scallion, cabbage

. Basic ingredients of Chinese food, butter, garlic, sweet soy sauce.

  1. Heat the butter, then add the cooked garlic until fragrant, put group Acook until wilted.
  2. Then, put the egg immediately stir until blended. Next is to put group B immediately stir until blended, add a little water or chicken broth.
  3. Add basic seasoning for Chinese food, immediately stir quickly, add yellow noodles then sweet soy sauce, stir quickly, after all, is enough, lift.
  4. Serve on a serving plate that has been prepared, add a little garnish to make the appearance become more delicious.
  5. You can also add the egg of an ox eye on the dish if you like it. And now this dish is called Chow Mein which is the Chinese food fried noodles.


Chow Mein is a simple yet delicious dish that you can serve for your family as the dinner menu.